2012 New Year’s Remarks

Chairman's Press Conference January 4, 2012

Mr. Roland Krüger

I am so pleased to extend my greetings at the dawn of the year 2012.

Last year, Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, which took precious lives of so many people, and as a result of the damage and the subsequent accident at the nuclear power plant, even now a lot of people have been forced out of their home and live at evacuation facilities.
On behalf of Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA), I would like to extend anew my deepest condolences to those affected by the disaster, their families and the people of Japan.

Amid such circumstances, scenes of the country’s people acting quick toward recovery caused astonishment and inspiration around the globe, leaving positive impressions of the strength of Japan once again. I also pay my sincere respect to the Japanese vehicle manufacturers for fulfilling in fine style their roles as the key industry by their strenuous efforts for quick recovery of production.
Every member importer of our Association is also determined to continue extending support for the affected people, taking actions to contribute to the reconstruction of Japan.

For the imported car market of last year, thanks to the vigorous launches of new models that are very environmentally-friendly and the introductions of next-generation automotive technologies such as electric vehicles, the results were a great pickup from a year earlier.

While keeping such positive efforts and to help achieve sound and further growth of the imported car market, we intend to continue approaching various quarters for globalization of the Japanese market, including schemes for safety and environment, standards and certification, taxation and the like.
We continue to offer extensive line of distinctive imported brands that have grown in the different culture and history, equipped with highly-reliable safety features and innovative environmental performances, thus contributing to the growth of Japan’s vehicle market as well as the overall economy.

Further, for our motorcycles operations, which commenced in July 2010, we have steadily responded to the needs of the members and customers. Based on those good results, we will step up our efforts to achieve the next leap forward.

Thank you very much for your continued support, and let me close my greetings by wishing you the best for the new year.