2019 New Year’s Greeting

Chairman's Press Conference January 6, 2019

Kintaro Ueno

Happy New Year to everyone!

I would like to begin by wishing you the best for the new year.

Last year, Japan suffered from a series of natural disasters in various parts of the country including the Osaka Earthquake in June and torrential rains in Western Japan in July, as well as Typhoon Jebi and the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake in September. I would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy again to the victims of these calamities and pray for the quickest recoveries.

Looking back at the imported vehicle market in 2018, JAIA’s member importers performed well thanks to their hard efforts to introduce new models equipped with connectivity technologies and broad-ranging advanced safety features, as well as others with various powertrains, which characterize unique aspects of imported vehicles, as part of their expanded product lineups that meet the diversified lifestyles and needs of customers.

Throughout 2018, in order to support the business activities of the member companies and contribute to sustainable growth of Japan’s motor vehicle market as a whole, JAIA positively carried out its external affairs activities for international harmonization of the country’s standards and regulations on the environment and safety, as well as the system of vehicle certification.

In the new year, JAIA will continue to vigorously provide support for our members to deliver to the Japanese customers a wide range of attractive imported automobiles and motorcycles that meet the diversified lifestyles and needs of customers. Further, while maintaining closer communication with the ministries and other associations concerned, we will make a contribution to the sustainable development of mobility in and society of Japan.

I would like to ask for your understanding of and continued support for the activities of JAIA in 2019 as well, and again, from the bottom of my heart, wish all of you the very best in the new year.