2016 New Year’s Remarks

Chairman's Press Conference January 4, 2016

Mr. Peter Kronschnabl

Happy New Year!
I sincerely hope everyone had a good start of 2016.

Last year, Japan’s economy took a step toward recovery, thanks to the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily exceeding the 20,000-yen mark for the first time in 15 years, healthy corporate earnings and stable employment conditions. Further, while the decline in crude oil prices and the rate rise by the US gave a boost to Japanese companies, situations remained unpredictable due to the slowing economies of emerging countries and the consumer confidence standing still due to the upcoming hike in Consumption Tax.

Looking back on the motor vehicle market of Japan, the 44th Tokyo Motor Show held in the fall commanded attention both at home and abroad and was closed successfully, owing to the exhibition of new models and powertrains by the participating companies, combined with further penetration of advanced safety technologies. JAIA was pleased to take part as a co-organizer and play a role.

The imported car market performed well as the adoption of latest safety features in low-end models, improvements to environmental performance technologies and upgrading of model lineups gained support of customers.

JAIA’s special programs for celebrating the 50th anniversary of foundation were started with an exhibition in February of symbolic imports that colored the history of the five decades, followed by the Photo and Essay Contest, the celebration in May and the interview with the top executives of the member importers. The series of events will be wrapped up by the “50-year History of JAIA”, which will be issued this year. Again, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for everyone who has supported the growth of imported cars and cooperated with the anniversary programs.

JAIA is determined to continue engaging in the activities, in coordination with the ministries and other associations concerned, to promote the adoption of the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA) and the globalization of various schemes and systems of Japan relating to safety, environment, taxation, regulations and certification in an attempt to provide customers with innovative technologies and appealing vehicles as quickly as possible.

Let me close my remarks by asking for your continued support and cooperation, and wishing you a happy and wonderful New Year.