1. I would like to know where to consult regarding problems such as the purchase of imported vehicles and quality issues.

They accept consultations on imported cars at the consultation desk below.
*You will be redirected to the Japanese site.

2. I would like to know about the tonnage tax for imported cars.

Tonnage tax is a national tax levied according to the weight of motor vehicles. The Eco-car Tax Incentive is a system that reduces the tonnage tax according to the performance of vehicles with excellent exhaust emission performance and fuel efficiency.
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Please check here for the vehicles eligible for the Eco-car Tax Incentives when registering a new car
Impored vehicles (foreign brand) eligible for ther Eco-car Tax Incentives | JAIA Japan Automobile Importers Association (jaia-jp.org)

For the vehicles that are not eligible for the Eco-car Tax Incentives (including parallel import vehicles, etc.) and the tonnage tax amount at the time of renewal inspection, please check the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

3. What is the next update date for the press release materials?

Please check the “Press release” in the top page of the JAIA website.

For other inquiries, please contact the Japan Automobile Importers Association (Tel: 03-5765-6811). (9:00 to 17:20 on weekdays, excluding holidays and year-end/new-year holidays)