Profile of JAIA

Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA) was established in 1965 when automobile import was liberalized in Japan, as a public corporation under the Export-Import Trade Law.

JAIA’s activities aim at the healthy development of the automobile importing trade by maintaining orderly import-export trade and operating to better serve for JAIA members’ common interests.


Japan Automobile Importers Association

History Previous to Public Corporation Establishment

August 1, 1952 Imported Automobile Society (IAS) was established.

May 28, 1957 IAS was separated into three societies - American Automobile Importers’Society, European Automobile Importers’Society, and Automotive Parts Importers’Society.

May 28, 1962 The above-mentioned three societies merged into Automobile Importers’Association (AIA).

November 1, 1965 With the liberalization of automobile import, the Association was reorganized to its present form, Japan Automobile Importers Association.

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