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JAIA Directors Reelected and Motorcycle Services to be Started

May 21, 2010
Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA)

At its 45th General Assembly held on Friday, Japan Automobile Importers Association (Chairman: Roland Kruger) reelected directors, and deliberated and approved the activity plan, which includes the start of services for imported motorcycles. Details are provided below:

1. Reelection of Directors


Tiziana Alamprese (Fiat Group Automobiles Japan)
Masamoto Maekawa (Toyota)


Pontus Haggstrom (Fiat Group Automobiles Japan)
Hiroshi Kobayashi (Honda)

2. FY2010 Activity Plan

In the fiscal year 2010, JAIA will be focusing on the following key activities. Your understanding and support will be highly appreciated.
(1) Continue offering reliable member services responding to the needs of importers
Placing top priority on support for business activities of its members, JAIA will distribute in a timely manner useful information, including statistics, laws/regulations and the like, carefully tailoring to the needs of member importers. Further, close communication with and among members will be sought for more efficient management.
(2) Enhanced lobbying activity
Concerning lobbying for policy changes (laws/regulations, taxation, subsidies and the like) and new policy planning by the government, JAIA position will be discussed/coordinated among the members and effectively deployed. Meanwhile, in the areas of technology and environment, member support will be provided in both information service and lobbying activities.
(3) Start of motorcycle services
Before the launch, a preparatory committee will decide details of services and encourage participation by as many motorcycle importers as possible. Toward further penetration and improved image of imported motorcycles, activities of importers will be supported indirectly. Going forward, amendments to the Statute of the Association will be notified to the competent Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and upon approval of the Minister, motorcycle services will be started from July 1. Several key two-wheeler importers, including BMW Japan and Harley Davidson Japan, are currently planning to be the initial members.