Urgent Appeal for FY2010 Taxation Revision Outline

December 18, 2009
Japan Automobile Importers Association (Chairman: Hans Tempel) submits the following request concerning the FY2010 Taxation Revision Outline:
On December 16, 2009, the Democratic Party of Japan submitted to the government key points of the FY2010 budget, requesting to maintain the provisional tax rates.
JAIA has been pressing for the abolition of the Automobile Acquisition and Tonnage Taxes, which have lost the ground for levying after inclusion of those taxes into general revenue, in order to reduce the burdens on consumers.
As the first step, JAIA has strongly requested the elimination of the provisional rates immediately.
JAIA therefore once again demands that, in the process of finalizing the FY2010 Taxation Revision Outline, the abolition of provisional rates of the Automobile Acquisition and Tonnage Taxes will be stated explicitly.
In addition, it would be appreciated if the auto-related tax scheme, once simplified and lowered, would be maintained for some time for importers to adapt themselves to the new situation.